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Are you a Realtor who has invested years of building a client data base and are preparing to retire from the Real Estate business? Or possibly, you currently have an active Real Estate license but are not planning to use it on a full time basis?  Why let all those years of hard work building a powerful client base deteriorate due to the lack of time you are investing in the business.  If you are not practicing Real Estate on a daily basis, it is nearly impossible to keep up to date with all of the legal, contract changes and best practices. Consequently, you might feel more comfortable referring your business to a full time Realtor or Broker. If this is the case, then GLOBAL MOBILITY RE may be the perfect platform for you. One of the wonderful things about being a Realtor is that even after you retire from the business, there are ways to keep your income earning power alive without having to show another buyer houses or list another home. 

GLOBAL MOBILITY RE will teach you the secrets of establishing strategic alliances with the Realtors you networked with during your active years in the business.  The biggest difference between GLOBAL MOBILITY RE and the standard license holding program with most Real Estate companies is that because we are not affiliated with any Franchise or Relocation company, you can place your referrals with the best Realtors that you know regardless of the company they work for. Consequently, you can insure your client receives the best personality match and service from the Realtor you choose to place your referral with. If you feel you don’t have time or the contacts to properly place the referral, will research the best Realtor matches for your client and will place it on your behalf.

If you are interested in obtaining more information about the GLOBAL MOBILITY RE team, please call Frank Fanelli at 888-624-3412 or email me at