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Broker to Broker Referral Services

If you’re a Realtor and have a client who is relocating to another city, it is not unusual that you may not know a reputable Realtor in the area to refer your client to.  No problem, will handle all the details of locating the best local Brokers to service your client. Because we are an Independent Referral Service and are not affiliated with any specific Real Estate Company or Franchise, we can do the research and interview one or multiple Realtors for you to interview and decide who might be the best fit for your client.  If you are affiliated with a specific franchise and prefer to stay within your company trademark, we can research and locate the best Realtor matches within your organization as well.

Did you know that statistics show that over 70% of all clients referred directly from one Realtor to another Realtor do not purchase or list their home with the original referred Realtor. The #1 reason for that is lack of follow up between the two Brokers to make sure the referred client is happy with the relationship and service they are receiving.  That will not happen when places your referral. During the referral process, we will periodically follow up with the referred agent and your client to insure your client is satisfied with the service being provided by the referred agent. If not, we will do everything possible to rectify the situation or replace that Realtor with an alternate Realtor thus insuring your client is happy and protect your referral fee.